ET “STEFAN GEORGIEV – NIM” – City of Loznitsa

City of Loznitsa, Stopanski Dvor 7290
Office Phone: +359(0)84/661048;

  Dear agricultural producers,

  Agricultural company “Stefan Georgiev – NIM” with owner Stefan PENEV as a licensed seeds producer, produces seeds of wheat, barley, corn and sunflower for more than 20 years. For this period the produced and sold seeds on the Bulgarian and European market are:

  • wheat seeds – over 20,000 tons
  • barley seeds – 10,000 tons
  • corn seeds – 6,000 tons
  • sunflower seeds – 4,000 tons

The company for 20 years in a row and going organizes demonstration trial fields. That test hybrids and varieties chosen from Bulgarian and international selections.

As a seed producer for many years I am led by the understanding, that the quality of the seeds depend greatly on the results that are yielded in the farm field. On this regard all actions from sowing to harvesting is carried out at a high technological level. The company operates with a line for preparation of seeds equipped with separators, pneumatic tables, photo-sorting machines, compartment decontamination and packaging of seeds.

In the fields owned by the company seeds are annually produced for both our Bulgarian selection and companies like Pioneer, KWS, Syngenta, Limagrain, RWA – Austria and others.

Management of the company has always been available to farmers in the country for consultations, lectures and exchange of experience. Annually products of leading companies in the field of pesticides and fertilization are displaying manufacturing experiences on our fields, the results of which are offered for information and use by farmers everywhere.